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You may have noticed something fun and mysterious happening lately, especially during the Concerts in the Park. We have been trying out some new and exciting things to help bring awareness to the community what exactly it is we do here at TPRD.  We want to let you in on the action! 

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Our goal is to spead awareness to the community. To do that, we have been working on creating a fresh, new identity that represents who we are and what we do.  One of the initiatives has been crafting a new logo, logo type and tagline that encapsulates our office's spirit and purpose.  

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To showcase our efforts, we have put up a little store each Wednesday evening featuring TPRD swag, each with its own little spin on who we are and what we stand for. We have even been throwing out fun little give aways such as flashlight keychains and "Park Posh" sunglasses. 

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We want to involve YOU in the process! YOUR thoughts and opinions matter to us. We want to know what resonates with you; what makes you excited about being a part of what we do. So get ready to speak your mind! Drop us a line, send us a message, or stop by our office to share your feedback! 

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Lets create something amazing together! An identity that's cool, fun, and exciting, just like our community! 

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Together, we are making a difference! Together, we are creating our future! 

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