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Pumpkin Patch Fun

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We has the BEST time hosting 3 different Kindergarten classes for our annual Pumpkin Patch. 

🌱 We took the little ones on a journey to discover how pumpkins are grown, exploring the mystery of those tiny seeds inside and showing off the shed full of the tools that make it all happen. Of course if you ask James Wood which tool is the best, he will assure is your HANDS!!!!!

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🚤 We watched their eyes light up as we demonstrate how pumpkins magically float, no matter their size .

🍪 Of course we cannot forget the sounds of delight as the littles enjoyed delicious cookies and refreshing juice helping to keep their energy up as they explored the garden. 🍪🥤

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🎃  Every child got to pick out a small pumpkin to take home, creating a special fall memory. 🏡🎃

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🖍️ They loved searching for their coloring masterpiece hung all around the garden before leaving. 🖌️🎨

Perhaps the best part was climbing all over the tractor! 

This is a morning of fun, learning, and creating special memories for our youngest garden enthusiasts. We love getting to welcome the kinderGARDENERS to our Pumpkin Patch year after year! 🍂👦👧

Thank you to Jerry Whitehead for filling in as our Great Pumpkin this year!!! The kids just LOVED you!!

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Cannot wait until next year Friends! We will meet again!


May contain: food, plant, produce, squash, vegetable, potted plant, pumpkin, vegetation, garden, nature, outdoors, and leaf


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