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Jenn Taylor

Position: Events Coordinator
Mailing Address:
18603 Pine St

Jenn considers heself a newcomer to Tuolumne County since she's only been here since 1966, and shes not clear when "old timer" status is achieved, please advise.

Jenn has lived in Tuolumne for 35+ years and is astounded that a truly American small town still gusts.

Jenn is grateful to have taught  in private and charter schools for...pretty much ever. The manner in which she ended up at TPRD involves too much intrigue for this space. But please ask for details.

Jenn counts it a high joy to be at the TPRD desk with a window view observing the good people of Tuolumne and all the various park events taking place.

 FUN FACT: Jenn has lived on 5 of the 7 CONTINENTS, care to guess her 2 favortite ones?

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