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Irrigation/drainage is in place, the site had its second round of rock clearing, jumps are forming up and we are GETTING EXCITED!!!!! So many community members have stepped up to help us turn this empty, overgrown lot into a safe, cherished community asset. Justin with Sonora Action Sports park continues to get volunteers on a regular basis to work long days over the weekend. Small leaps of progress are made weekly due to the continued support of these guys! We have had some GREAT community support in the way of monetary donations as well. We are extremely appreciative of everyone who has stepped up for us! Currently, we are working on our winter plan for the bike park schedule. We are also creating a list of materials, supplies, equipment and features needed to make this space REALLY pop! We are working with a small budget to create a BIG impact. To do this, we are asking again. Will you support this project?! As we pedal forward on this incredible journey to bring our dream bike park to life, we are beyond grateful for the money we've raised so far. We're not just building a bike park; we're crafting a community hub, a space where the thrill of the ride meets the warmth of connection. Picture this: every dollar you contribute isn't just a contribution; it's a brick in the foundation of a place where riders of all ages and skill levels will come together to share laughter, triumphs, and the joy of the open park. We're not just reaching for a monetary goal; we're building a home for adventure and camaraderie. So, let's make this vision a reality together. Join us in this epic ride – be a part of something big, something great, and let's transform our dreams into jumps. Your support isn't just a donation; it's an investment in a thriving community, and we can't wait to welcome you to the heart of our bike park. Together, let's ride toward the $25,000 goal and create something extraordinary!

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