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Bike Day in the Park 

The rain did NOT stop us from having a blast!! So much fun was had! When the weather turned to pouring rain, the kids turned to splashing in the puddles! Some great connections were made and many fun bike tricks were showed off!  

 The Two bikes from Haro Biking being raffled off through Sonora Cyclery are amazing! Tickets are on sale for 2 weeks for $5 each. All proceeds will be donated toward the Bike Park . 

May contain: bicycle, bmx, transportation, and vehicle
The Downtown 20 model comes well equipped to take you anywhere you wish to ride. From the sidewalk to the skatepark, this bike is made for beginner BMX.
May contain: bicycle, bmx, transportation, vehicle, machine, and wheel
Hit the streets like Chad Kerley on his new signature Haro complete. A bike designed to encompass Chad's riding style and lifestyle, custom-tuned with his specific geometry and vibe. Chad's got the swag to pull this signature bike off and you won't find another frame with these characteristics. Keeping it clean yet fun with custom decals highlighting Chad's personality.
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