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Another AMAZING Christmas Parade

WOW this years Christmas Parade was a smashing success! We had more parade entrants than ever. So many, that we actually had to turn people away and ask some to minimize their displays. The excitement and all the hard work put into the floats really showed! The elementary school band was a great addition. It was so fun to see all those cute band faces marching along with their instruments they worked so hard to learn to play! Such a special time! 

The streets were lined with more people than ever! The happy feeling of the crowd and all the smiling faces brought such a special feeling. 

One thing is coming more and more evident.... we definitely NEED to expland our parade space! The 4 blocks around the West Side Memorial Park is just not big enough anymore. What a great problem to have!! 

Lets not forget about the amazing Market! The Hall was PACKED with so much great stuff! All of the vendors brought the cutest things. The silent auction items from SPNS was expansive. Having them join us was new, and definitely brought a whole new level to this annual event. New for TPRD, was the silent auction items we had on display. We want to congratulate all of the winners of the great items offered. 

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